Backpacking Adventures With Gorgeous Views

Backpacking is a wonderful way to take an active vacation, and this type of trip delivers travelers from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives, to the great outdoors. It is a really great way to reintroduce oneself to nature while also getting some excellent exercise. Of course, if a person is currently sedentary, they might need to get in shape for a backpacking vacation, and it will likely be the best vacation you ever have. We miss so much, be swallowed up in metropolitan areas, being spoon fed an itinerary based largely on capitalism and the trappings of cities that have grown accustomed to this revenue stream. Getting out in nature, and really seeing a country from a new perspective might just change your life. The individual metamorphosis can be startling, after a person carries on their back just what they need, often times sleeping in the woods and cooking by fire. It is a return to a life that most of us know nothing about.

The world is literally filled with great hikes, and some of the best are going to be covered here.

Now, These Are Places You Need To See!

Female hiker with snow covered mountains and autumn colors in southern end of Tjäktjavagge on Kungsleden trail, Lappland, Sweden
Female hiker with snow covered mountains and autumn colors in southern end of Tjäktjavagge on Kungsleden trail, Lappland, Sweden

Sweden is filled with gorgeous countryside scenes, and those that can be enjoyed up-close and personal by backpacking. In Kungsleden, Sweden, there is a 65-mile very popular backpacking hike starting at Abisko Mountain Station. It will take about 3-5 days to complete, and as Europeans largely take vacation in August, if possible doing this hike in September when the weather is a little nicer, and the bugs a little less, is likely the best bet. The northern most section of this hike goes through the birch forests just before crossing Sweden’s highest peak of Mount Kebnekaise. Doing this trip from North to South is likely best, as hikers will want the sun on their face heading through this Arctic region. Also, there are huts positioned about a day apart, and are found all along the trail, so in the event of harsh weather, there is refuge.

Grand_Canyon_in_fogThe Grand Canyon in the United States has numerous great backpacking trails riddled with breathtaking views. These hikes are popular from September to October, and again from April to May, so if you want to duck the crowds, try November or March. Starting at the South Kaibab Trail and then crossing the Colorado River on the Black Ridge ending your day camping at Bright Angel camp is an excellent 1st day itinerary. The hike, called Rim to Rim to Rim, delivers you through the canyon, seeing rivers and rims, and a kaleidoscope of natural architecture. The trails meander through the Canyon, taking hikers through the Box, which is the inner heart of the Canyon, and this 44 mile hike will likely take 4 to 6 days to complete.

There is an absolute majestic trail in Nepal, running from Lukla to Everest Base Camp. This is a 70-mile long trail and backpacking this stretch will take roughly 16 days. This trek will take backpackers through the Khumbu district of Nepal, and hikers will also be treated to 3 of the highest peaks on earth! Immersion in the Sherpa’s Buddhist culture will likely bring hikers back again and again to this Everest trek.

Your holiday. Switzerland. - Mountains Bachalpsee lake (2265 m) above Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland, with the Wetterhorn (3701 m), Schreckhorn (4078 m) and Finsteraarhorn (4274 m). Endlich Ferien. Ihre Schweiz. - Berge Bachalpsee (2265 m) oberhalb Grindelwald im Berner Oberland, mit Wetterhorn (3701 m), Schreckhorn (4078 m) und Finsteraarhorn (4274 m). Enfin les vacances. A vous la Suisse. - Montagnes Le Bachalpsee (2265 m) au-dessus de Grindelwald dans l'Oberland bernois, avec le Wetterhorn (3701 m), le Schreckhorn (4078 m) et le Finsteraarhorn (4274 m). Copyright by Switzerland Tourism        By-line: ST/

The next stop on this world best-backpacking trail tour is Grindewald, Switzerland where hikers can enjoy a 10-mile trek through this fairy tale valley, to some of the highest peaks in the world. The scenic highlights on this trail include delivering hikers through the Alps to a few of its most notable peaks, that of Eiger and Shreckhorn. There are also huts along this trail, in addition to a hotel, and if hikers take the lift to the top, and walk down, a stop at the quintessential Swiss chalet, Waldspitz, is necessary! A nice, traditional Swiss lunch can be enjoyed from this picturesque location.

lighting-up-the-ramparts-c2a9-2011-christopher-martin-2457Our world tour ends at the Tonquin Valley Canadian Rockies in Alberta. This 27-mile trail will take most 3 to 5 days to complete, and it is very popular to do in July or August, as snow is a threat in this northern area most any other month of the year. This backpacking trail will take hikers from Portal Creek to McCarib Pass through Tonquin Valley and ends at the Astoria River. This part of the world inspired great artists, like Ansel Adams for example, who did his first work for the Sierra Club along this trail. Something to consider is the fact that there are grizzly bears roaming about, and if this makes you uncomfortable, staying at one of the two wilderness lodges might be your best bet!


Best Backpacks for the Outback 2015

Backpacks are designed to serve different purposes and meet different preferences so that there is something for everyone. When shopping for the best backpack for the outback, it is best that you place your considerations and preferences first but the bottom line is that you should not compromise on quality and ability to store your stuff safely.

Aspects to look at when shopping for the best backpack for the outback

  • Comfort and support – this are the most important to keep you going and remain physically fit.
  • Unique/additional features – these come in handy to fulfill details that are more personal.
  • Packability – does the bag ease how you pack your belongings?
  • Durability – shop for a backpack that will serve you in the long-term
  • Versatility

Top 5 best Backpacks for the Outback 2015

The market offers several backpack all promising the very best. As you start shopping around for on to suit your needs and preferences, the following are the best 5 backpacks for the outback to consider in 2015.

1.     The Osprey Farpoint 55

osprey-farpoint-55-review19This backpack is easy to pack with its segmentation (7pockets), comfortable thanks to the extra padding, and it comes with a detachable daypack to ease your luggage when you are on the move. If you are looking from some adventure or you are travelling, this backpack is great for you. The waist belt comes in handy to ensure comfort and helps to ensure it stay in position.

2.     The Eagle Creek Deviate 60

249279001_i_deviate_travel_pack_60l_w_eagle_creekIf you are looking for a versatile backpack and light in weight, this is the ideal bag for you. This is because you can use it as a carry on after removing the daypack, which is detachable. It is also designed to be comfortable, easy to pack thanks to the different segments, and it is durable thanks to its nylon, poly helix, and poly helix oxford fabric. With a total of 6pockets, you can easily store your different items safely.

3.     The Deuter Quantum 70+10

indexThis offers a large storage capacity for your entire luggage. It is also versatile and offers comfort even with the weight on your back. It comes with a daypack attachment and you can use it even for long-term travel. However, it is important to note that it may be heavy but this is balanced thanks to its comfortable padding.

4.     The Pacsafe VentureSafe 65

venturesafe_65l_gii_60360505_olivekhaki_back-strap-flap_1This backpack is comfortable and its main compartment allows for easy and fast packing. It also comes with some security features making it safe. This is due to anti-theft cable feature, slash resistant, as well as the interlocking zippers. It is also durable and it comes with 5 height adjustments making it suitable for different people.

5.     The Osprey Porter 46

61KXro7UG3L._SY355_This backpack is light in weight making it ideal for individuals who are constantly on the move. It comes with a sleek design with straitjacket compression straps. Though it does not come with many travel features, it is ideal for individuals who travel light.

Bottom line when shopping for the best backpack

The best backpack for the outback should therefore not compromise on durability, versatility, as well as comfort.

The above list offers some of the best backpacks for the outback for you to consider when shopping among the diverse options.


How to Plan Your Next Backpacking Excursion

Are you ready to exit your campground and get to the next state-of-art backpacker? Where there is no crowd of people, any high night fees, and miles and miles interaction with the natural wild and serene environment, open country…just having the world for yourself. Having your overnight pack, leaving your car behind, and getting along with you everything that you will need for your excursion needs a little bit of more preparation in order for you to have a most memorable outdoor experience of your life.

Where should you go?car-insurance-choices16-300x238

The initial step in planning for your multi-day excursion is picking your next preferable destination- a place that matches your skills, fits within your budget and time-frame. Having access to outdoor magazines, traveling guidebooks and online back packaging forums can be of great value in assisting you select your most suitable destination that you may not have in mind.

Also, ensure to consider the best time of the year to travel to your chosen destination. The climate and natural terrain of the place you intend to visit plays a major factor in determining the kind of clothing you will need, and how much water you will carry among others.

You also need to know the trail and the distance you will cover each day. It’s advised to budget from 3 to 10 miles a day to avoid being exhausted. Make sure you acquire the necessary trail maps and guide books that you will need for the chosen area. You can also research the most recent popular trails online. Each place has rules and regulations that should be adhered to, and you should know them. For example, are you allowed to have campfires, bear-proof canisters and what permits do you need to hike in the area.

What should you carry?


What you will carry will be determined by where you will go and he kind of weather you will probably encounter. Now, when getting your gear together, you should consider the weight vs. the cost. Weight that is lighter is considered more expensive but it will allow you to move at a faster pace, and you will be more comfortable. After you have packed your kit, sieve out what you can do without, by looking at items that can do double duty, and then pair them down to the essentials that you will need.

What should you eat?

The meals that you need on your trip should have enough calories to fuel you in your high output days without noting or adding any extra weight on your pack. Your plan should include breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day.

How should you pack your pack?

A rule of the thumb is needed when packing. That is, put water, cooking gear and other items close to the center of your back and pack lighter-weight items to surround them to help maintain balance. Snacks and other small items that will be used throughout the day should be put in the side pockets

What if something strange happens?

When the unexpected happens, you should always stick to the plan. You should leave your trail to a friend or relative or the local authorities. Carry with you a Personal Locator Beacon that will track your progress via GPS.

What you can do to get prepared

You should take a reconnaissance of the place before you go on the main trip. Also do some basic exercises six weeks before going on the trip to get physically fit for the hiking. To achieve these exercises, have at least 2 to 3 workouts a week.

All in all, for you to have the best hiking ever, you should be emotionally and physically prepared for it. It’s always daunting to go for such a trip but if you prepare well, it can be the best experience that you can have in your life.